Tuesday, June 17, 2008

weekend sufferfest

Sunday was day 2 of the weekend sufferfest, part of which included a 20 km TT.
One of the local cycling groups had organized the TT outside of town (actually, it was half way to Phoenix, as I would find out!), and of course I jumped at the chance for some pain.
There were 20 and 40km options, but I figured since the furthest organized TT I've done was 15 k, I should start with the 20.
When I arrived at the race site I was completely overwhelmed! There was easily over 100 people there, all warming up on their wind trainers - very intense. Luckily, since there were so many people to go infront of me (left every 30 sec.) I had time to do the prescribed, long warm up.
The Setting:
11 km out, 9 km back. Fairly flat with a highway overpass.
The Wind: into 15 mph winds for the 11 km (boo).
Heat: 100 degrees by 0800.
I was 5th female (the cat. 1/2 girls beat me), in 32:24, with no girls going under 30 (that would have made me feel bad).

Lots of room for improvement, but that's what's great about first trys!

Also, big congrats to my friend Teri Albertazzi for her 4th place showing at Kansas 70.3!!
and to my friends in Ontartio that did Muskoka -- super jealous!

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