Sunday, June 8, 2008

5 km - revisited

yesterday was my second attempt at the 5km distance this season.
two weeks ago, i completed a 5km and was not entirely happy with my execution. post race, my coach mentioned that next time, "we'll try a different strategy -- we'll make your legs even more tired before the race" and hopefully, i'd be able to run the same time, if not faster. sounds like fun.
well, the plan for saturday was to do a 3500 scy swim including a 1500 TT, a moderate ride with a 30 min TT (up mt. lemmon) and then the race (it started at 630 pm). basically, a broken sprint tri.
normally, i'd be super pumped about this agenda however, i have been sick for the past 5 days....
pooped, coughing up green stuff and generally congested. the first two 'events' went pretty well. still breathing like i was at altitude, but managable. i actually even improved my TT watt average by a whole 2 points (whoopy). i was a sceptic when it came to the run.

i decided to give it a go. the point was to get in a good workout and regardless of my performance, that would happen. it was 100 degrees and dry, dry, dry. there were points in my warmup that my throat was so dry, i couldn't swallow. yikes. the race ended up with over 1000 registrants, which is much more than the course should have on it. the start was super congested and i felt a little claustrophobic.

the course was definately harder than the one two weeks ago. very twisty, turny and hilly. fun but tough. i raced much better than two weeks ago. went out a little easier, was able to pick it up at the and passed some peeps in the final mile.

1945 - not a PB, but good enough for 3rd OA. and the olympic trials girl that beat me by 1:30, 2 weeks ago, only beat me by 50 seconds this time.....

also..... big congrats the Kerri for rockin' her age group at Eagleman 70.3!!!

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