Tuesday, July 19, 2011

fur child

I will celebrate (read: one glass of top shelf tequila and bed by 9:00) my 34th birthday this week. I have no children, and still after years of saying "it's not for me", have no desire to mother a two legged being. I am surrounded by friends/bloggers/facebookers who have families and/or have recently become mothers.
I truly am happy for them and enjoy looking at the snapshots of their lives.
But, I want my moment too.
In March, I had a fur child. His name is Bean. Butter Bean.
He has four legs and is delightful. I only had to change his diapers a couple of times (okay, so it wasn't diapers, it was poop on the floor). And while I do have to come home right after work, I don't need a babysitter if I want to hit happy hour at Blanco on Friday night. He is the best running partner I've had in years and loves me even if I lock him in a den with only a squeeky duck for 10 hours.
I have looked at a million baby pictures in my life time. Never have I replied with a "check out MY baby" and pulled out my phone or facebook.
Well, here it is. A dose of fur baby photos. I've looked at yours. You can check out mine.
He is amazing, even if he does pee like a girl.