Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh Canada!!

Since I was unable to make the trek home over the Christmas holidays, I booked some time off in early January to visit the `fam`. I knew from conversing with my Mommy that it was going to be cold. When I finally walked off the last plane, at the last airport in Toronto the air took my breath away. I instantly remembered that I left my winter coat in Tucson, by the door. I put it there so I wouldn`t forget it!
I froze during the 10 minute wait for our cab ride. The air burned my throat. How did I ever manage 20 + mile runs in this awfulness! It was official, I had become a cold weather wuss. I have been spoiled!
On our drive home, we passed a few `Timmy`s` and I began to realized how much I missed that little donut shop. While there maybe one of these gems on every corner, it remains unsurpassed as the most refined, delicious of donut shops - somewhat classy and clean, and it seems that I took it for granted while I lived in Canada. Tim Hortons is a Canadian staple, especially in the winter months. Almost everyday I would enjoy a half hot chocolate, half coffee with a few chocolate and honey dip`timbits`. No wonder it was so hard to lose those last 5lbs!
Let me just let everyone in Canada know how good they have it!! NOTHING even comes close to Timmy`s in the states (unless you`re in Michigan and are going to Tim Hortons). It was never something I thought I would long for, but even sitting here typing would be so much more enjoyable with a Timmy`s close by.
Exhibit A:

In the 12 months (can't believe it's been that long!) I've been living in the US, I've also come to realize how much I miss a good bulk food store. Of course I enjoy Sunflower Market and Whole Foods, but their bulk section leaves much to be desired.
Exhibit B:

Canada has the best bulk stores in the world (I'm pretty sure). Complete with hemp seeds, chia seeds and coconut flour (all organic).
Of course, going home also reminded me how much I miss my family. Since I missed Christmas, my mom left the Christmas tree up well into January for me.

While I was upset to leave my family I was happy to be leaving the snow and cold behind... It seemed as though I just got out in time as a big storm and cold front came in the day I left. This is what the airport looked like in Toronto:

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in my first race of the season, the Phoenix Half Marathon. I went into this race not really knowing how it would turn out seeing as i haden't done a 13 mile run since Clearwater. My coached had faith. He told me to run 6:30's and that's what I did (more or less).

Chrissy Parks #21936
Tucson, AZ
Age: 31 Gender: F

Distance HALF MAR
Clock Time 1:25:19
Chip Time 1:25:15
Gender Place 6 / 14094
Age Grade 77.3%
Placeoall 115
Placediv 2
Pace 6:31
Ttldiv 2357
Ttlsex 14094
5 Km 20:18
10 Km 39:59
10 Mile 1:04:49

Not only was my half time a PB, I also got a PB for 10km (it's been a while since I've raced one), and the 10 mile. Yippee!! Great start to 2009!