Thursday, May 29, 2008

off to the races!!

tomorrow, ryan and i head 4 hours northeast to a little mountain town named, 'Show Low'. we will both be competing in the half IM race on saturday.
i'm totally pumped for this race!! the area is supposed to be absolutely beautiful!
the race will hold it's challenges (like there are halfs that don't?!). it is held at 7000 ft. elevation. not exactly sure what it feels like to race at elevation.... but i'm betting on the fact that my lungs are gonna' burn!!

one other concern is that last week, this little town got snow! i'm thinking that the lake might be a little chilly - i was even considering wearing those little blue seventy booties.

regardless, it will be good times and a heck of a work out.

the plan: swim hard, bike hard, run harder and have fun!.

you are limited only by what you can imagine yourself accomplishing. know no limits, dream big and train like you mean it!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Need Sunscreen??

Next time you need sunscreen, do a gal a favor and order KINeSYS ( Use the code: fe chrissy, and you'll help support me in my quest to rock the Big Island!!

Todd from KINeSYS is going to give me a small (very small) percentage of sales completed under my code. Every little bit helps. The fewer night shifts I have to do, the more time I can put into training!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

impromtu 5k!

the last couple of days, i've been livin' like a rockstar. i booked almost a week off of work in thoughts of doing the florida 70.3 race, but decided it wasn't such a good idea to race a half, five weeks after a full. so i've put in a solid block of training instead!!
about four days ago, i found out about a 5km race that was happening today. i asked my coach if i could add it to my program, and predictably he said, "of course! it will be a great opportunity for a speed workout and it will give us a good idea of where you're at."
so i woke up this morning, legs exhausted from the blow ups yesterday, and was excited to be racing!! i do love a good road race!
it was 80 degrees by the time the race started at 7. the original plan was to take the first mile out a little easier and run a 615. from there, i wanted to run the next at 610 and the last one 605 or better. well, true to cp form the first mile was a little faster then i wanted.... 550! needless to say, i was a little scared when i saw that time. i knew that my tired legs would not hold that pace so i decided to just make the best of it and call it a learning experience - again. slowing down was inevitable.
however, i'm optimistic that on fresh legs i could have held that pace, but running tired is my new game.
finish time: 1938. still a pb by 10 sec. i'll take it! it's a bummer to think that if i stuck with my original plan, i would have been sub 19 and in the top 3. on the up side, i get to retest the theory on june 7th -- another 5 km!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

anatomy of the 'shootout'

if you like to ride hard, there is only one place to be Saturday @ 0600 in Tucson. that's the U of A for the start of the 'shootout'. riders show up with their team kits, carbon wheels and competitive side for a 60 mile grinder.
the ride starts off nice and comfortable, lots of small talk and some anxious energy related to what everyone knows is inevitable. the first 10 km are considered a warm up (very short for us long distance types). after we reach drexel (i think that's what it's called) the pace starts to lift.... riders jockey for best drafting position and soon enough we're hitting speeds of 45 km/hr. this is tough for me even when i'm drafting!!

for the next 25 - 30 miles, it's all out for as long as you can hold on. i ended up with a smaller group today, and that meant not much rest b/w pulls.
i definately need to work on my pacing. i would end up gapping the bridge if someone was falling off and i really should have just taken the extra break.....needless to say, i blew up. but everyone does. infact, that's the point.
have you had the opportunity to 'blow up' in training or (hopefully not) racing?? it has to be one of the most painful experiences in terms of workouts that i've been through. very humbling too.
once you 'blow up' you have no choice but to slow to a crawl to allow your body to get out of the lactic acid build up and o2 dept. it was all i could do to hold 90 watts.
but all is not lost. you recover. just in time for another group to pick you up so you can go through it all again.

can't wait for next week!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Exciting Partnership!!

I had the opportunity to taste and purchase this new electrolyte replacement at Trifest this year.
I incorporated it into my IM AZ race plan and was more than happy with the results.
The individually packaged tablets were easily stored in my mini bento and could be placed in my aero bottle without a thought.
These little jems come in two varieties. The one I used in the IM was Catapult Berry, caffeinated to keep me hummin'. The other flavor is Endurance Lemon/Lime -- sans caffeine.
Both flavors are packed with electrolytes, including calcium to sooth irritable tummies, and B & C vitamins.
I've tried other portable tablet drinks (you know who they are), and they bloated my stomach up like a balloon, and tasted like ass.
This stuff rocks!!
Don't take my word for it, check em' out at -- prices are very reasonable too.
Also, see them in the swimsuit issue of Triathlete. They're included in the 'reviews' section.
I'll also be carrying some with me wherever I go.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

this is your brain on.... track

had my first track workout of the new plan today.
i have to work tonight and with school still being in session, the only option was right at 330, also known as 'peak sun'.
it was only 85 today but boy did it feel smokin' on the asphalt.
there were points when i felt dizzy, moments of goose bumps, and two new blisters, but hey what doesn't kill me........
prepares me for the big show.