Monday, March 30, 2009

oh where oh where have I been...

it's been a really busy month (or two). priorities I guess. work. training. family. and then way down the list is BLOG....( i did not put family behind training on purpose!)
i have done some races and travelling. and have modified my training/racing schedule for sickness. or allergies - whatever it is that is making yellow/red gunk come from my nose and causing me to hack up part of my respiratory track.
Fortunately, I have had a great feb/march in that I got to spend time with friends from Canada and my parents.
Early March, we headed to Vegas for a few days of training and a (tough) half marathon at the end to top it off.
Londoners (canada) kicked 'a' in vegas and brought home some sweet hardware:

there are many more pictures of the Vegas week... but as they say, "what happens in Vegas... gets posted on Facebook" - much easier to put pics on there.
one of the campers said it best, "I'm not sure if we became better triathletes or drinkers!"
This past weekend was the local triathlon. I know you must be thinking "Tucson? Triathlon? Where's the water?" well, the water is the U of A pool. This was a first for me. It caused a logistical problem in terms of wardrobe. no wetsuits - water was too warm. a swimsuit was the best bet but my thighs are not ready for that kind of exposure, so I opted for the Blueseventy Swim Skin!
Not gonna' lie, it was tough. Orders were to go hard in the swim, harder on the bike and hold on for the run.
My legs had a different idea.... excuse inventory: I'm sick, I climbed Lemmon the day before.
I gave it all I could... and I think I've hurt less in IM!!
In the end, Teri A. smoked me. But she rocks so that's okay. Another super fast chick rounded out the podium so I left feelin' alright about the outcome.

Totally looking forward to getting started on some IM training this month!
Will be heading to St. Croix in May, Florida two weeks later, then Coeur d'Alene!