Tuesday, October 30, 2007

bike comparison

today, while i was being reminded what it feels like to be back on your bike after 4 weeks off, i realized that there are some key differencing between my two bikes. the bike i have been riding religiously for the last year, is a carbon 'tri' bike (orbea, ordu), with dura ace components, 700c wheels and an adamo seat. the other bike, is a cervelo p2sl, with a road set-up (handle bars), ultegra components, 650c wheels and a stock cervelo seat.
today, i understood why carbon is ''better'. i felt every crack in the road.
which brings me to the different seats. stock seat = sore front bum, adamo = happy front bum.
in terms of wheel size (an ongoing internal conflict of mine). i actually enjoyed being closer to the ground, i felt more compact, but i felt like i had to work really hard to move fast.
the tri set up gives you an opportunity to relax in the aerobars..... found the road bars hard on my wrists.
the difference between ultegra and dura ace was huge! dura ace shifting is 'like butta', the ultegra is choppy and i kept thinking that my chain fell off!

verdict..... i love my orbea, but the cervelo is great for a change.

todays damage:

bike (cervelo) 2 hours, outside.... 16 degrees, i was cold by the time i was done.
5 m on TM ez
light upper body wts.

Monday, October 29, 2007

ST swim challenge: day 1 (total: 4100m)

painful workout from a gal on ST....
she called it, TMF. total muscle failure.

almost happened.
it went down like this:

500 swim
250 kick
10 x 50 (25 stroke, 25 fc) on 60 sec.
50 ez
8 x 50 neg. split on :55
500 pull
6 x 100 neg. split 5 sec. rest
50 ez
4 x 150 mid. 50 bk, neg split 10 sec. rest
50 ez
300 pull paddles (ouch)
50 cd.

4100 m
painful but satisfying.