Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Game on!

Triathlon training has kicked into high gear. Last week, I did 21 hours of training.
Approximately double the previous week. Kona is on the horizon. I know it's still 4 months away. But my body and mind were aching for structure and ready to go. My running and swimming have been taking a back seat to cycling. I've caught the bug.
This past week, I was back on the track and in the pool (once, which is one more time than the week before!). I have always been a runner. Running has always been the one of the three that I didn't complain about doing. Now, I feel like it's a forgotten language. Cycling is where it's at!
Since my last post, 5 million years ago, I have done 3 stage races, a state championship, a road race and a couple of TT's. I have also done one duathlon and a half ironman. All for the fun of it (I think it's always meant to be like that!).

There is too much to tell.
However, I have a few key events on the horizon to motivate me to update my blog....
1. July - Cascade cycling classic, Bend Oregon. A 6 day stage race!! Killer.
2. July - Vineman marathon, California. A week after the stage race!! Killer.
3. Couple of half IM's yet to be determined
4. Kona!!!!!

I have also been involved in the catalogue... keep an eye out!