Monday, November 7, 2011

Dia de los Muertos

Yesterday was my favorite day of the year. Not my birthday. Not Christmas. Not 4/20. It was the Mexican day of the dead, and that means the All Souls Procession. It is an absolutely magical celebration to remember those who have passed on over the previous year. It is scary, beautiful and emotional. It is a two mile walk/parade in which anyone can dress up for and march. It kicks the crap out of the Macy's Santa Clause parade.
I never remember to take enough pictures, so I've borrowed some from others.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Trail Time

Lately, I have replaced biking, swimming and road running with time on the trails (see previous post for rationale). Yesterday, I ran 18 miles and it was pure enjoyment. I am getting lost in the beauty of Tucson and find my mind totally clear by the time I'm back to my car. Meditation while gaining incredible fitness. It really doesn't get much better.
There are so many trails that need to be explored and I am sure that I will hit many of them by the time I toe the line for my 50 miler in March. I plan on documenting the process so I'm able relive the experience and make anyone who reads this jealous.
Yesterday was the Bear Canyon/Phoneline loop in Sabino Canyon.
Here's the elevation/ascent profile:

My running partner is Krystle. She's training for her first 50km. She's modelling Zoot(product plug)from

Buckle List

Three months ago I began mountain biking. Even though I was holding a pretty good 3:1 crash to ride ratio, I was enjoying the challenge and the closeness with nature. I entered a 104 mile mtb race four weeks after getting my bike. It was wonderful, I went kinda fast, and I got one of these for my effort:
It was big, heavy and desired by some fellow riders.
A month later, a friend of mine posted a picture on facebook.

A pretty, shiny, big, and heavy buckle. I inquired; "What do I have to do to get that?" Run 50 miles... in one day. Without really thinking it through, I signed up.
I want that buckle.
Two days ago, the lottery opened for the Leadville 100 mile mtb race. Here's what you get when you cross the finish line:

I put my name in. I want that buckle too.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

fur child

I will celebrate (read: one glass of top shelf tequila and bed by 9:00) my 34th birthday this week. I have no children, and still after years of saying "it's not for me", have no desire to mother a two legged being. I am surrounded by friends/bloggers/facebookers who have families and/or have recently become mothers.
I truly am happy for them and enjoy looking at the snapshots of their lives.
But, I want my moment too.
In March, I had a fur child. His name is Bean. Butter Bean.
He has four legs and is delightful. I only had to change his diapers a couple of times (okay, so it wasn't diapers, it was poop on the floor). And while I do have to come home right after work, I don't need a babysitter if I want to hit happy hour at Blanco on Friday night. He is the best running partner I've had in years and loves me even if I lock him in a den with only a squeeky duck for 10 hours.
I have looked at a million baby pictures in my life time. Never have I replied with a "check out MY baby" and pulled out my phone or facebook.
Well, here it is. A dose of fur baby photos. I've looked at yours. You can check out mine.
He is amazing, even if he does pee like a girl.

Monday, February 14, 2011

my send off to Tammy and Ross Lamb

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.”

As one can see from the frequencing of my blog posts, it takes something special to
draw me to the keyboard. This time, it's a way for me to say "good bye" to two of my dear friends.
Tomorrow, Tucson will loose two of it's truly valued members to California. Tammy and Ross Lamb are packing up their life as I type to follow their career ambitions into another state.
Tammy and Ross have made this city a better place. Most certainly for me and I can only guess how many others, but definately more than they could realize.

Tammy, I'm going to miss you a ton. You have been my Tucson rock when I've felt alone and needed a shoulder. Ross, you were always there to share a tequila, beer or glass of wine when it was most necessary. I'm so grateful and thankful for becoming close.
I have already booked my ticket to LA.
xo cp

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This year.... and last

No comments about slacking or the like. I haven't blogged and that's
Not for lack of things to put out there, just couldn't bring myself to
the computer for a full 30 min or so. The world is just spinning
extra fast these days.

Brief synopsis. Last year was one of my worst athletically (results wise), and best personally.
Yes, they can be independant of each other (one of my 2010 life lessons).
I am proud of myself for attempting many things that scared me to death... not so proud of the effort I put into them.
I moved up to a Cat 2 bike racer, raced against the best in world, and promptly got my ass handed back to me.
I raced as a professional triathlete. Trained like a beginner, and got my ass beat by over 2 hours when I lined up beside Chrissie Wellington.
But, regardless of feeling like I would rather be anywhere else by 2000m of the IM AZ swim, I finished what I started. After my first IM dnf in Kona, I decided that as long as the medics allowed my to stay on the course, I would finish everything I started.
So, despite some of my worst results, this grasshopper learned much and grew as a person and athlete.
I am fully committed to 2011 as first, a cyclist on the best Women's 1/2 cycling team in the SW, Trisports Cycling/Eclipse Racing. Then (even though I haven't swam since IM AZ), I will rededicate the summer to tris.
Below is a photo gallery of important events/people that have happened since my last post.... no real order.

I know it's not much, but it's been 30 minutes and for now that's all I've got.