Sunday, October 12, 2014


So, I had a really crappy 6 mile run last weekend. Follow up with a day where I felt like I wanted to stay in bed all day (which is pretty much what I did). I got scared... I have a goal race in the middle of November that requires a full schedule of training (50km trail race). I have therefore decided to back off of the keto diet until after that race. I have learned so much that I feel I will be able to work through it much better (hopefully!!). I really did feel pretty good - but I'm not sure I was really into ketosis yet. My only real issue was the constant 'pastiness' and being thirsty all the time. I felt instantly better once I increased my carbs. I also puffed up a little with the increased fluid retention :/

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ketogenic diet day four

Today was more of the same. Didn't run so my total calorie intake was lower - still managing a good split (77% fat, 9% carbs - including fiber, and 14% protein). My ketone urine test was the same as yesterday, and I won't weigh myself again until tomorrow or the next day. I was less foggy than yesterday, but I almost welcome that now to prove I am 'changing'. I did make some key observations today that are related to diet and lifestyle. I have realized that while I was definitely addicted to sugar, it was the fat content I was enjoying. Don't get me wrong, I do have a sweet tooth -- but, I love fat!! I am so satisfied with what I'm eating that I'm barely missing the sugar. I am also taking a huge amount of enjoyment from preparing my food (from scratch), and really thinking about what I'm putting into my body (using the My Fitness Pal app). I have also tried ghee for the first time (YUM!!), and coconut oil and almond flour are my new best friends. Unfortunately, I am still missing my pumpkin spice SB coffee in the morning :( Tomorrow, I will jump on the treadmill for a 8 mile speed workout. Maybe, just maybe I will deplete my carb stores.....