Friday, November 4, 2011

Buckle List

Three months ago I began mountain biking. Even though I was holding a pretty good 3:1 crash to ride ratio, I was enjoying the challenge and the closeness with nature. I entered a 104 mile mtb race four weeks after getting my bike. It was wonderful, I went kinda fast, and I got one of these for my effort:
It was big, heavy and desired by some fellow riders.
A month later, a friend of mine posted a picture on facebook.

A pretty, shiny, big, and heavy buckle. I inquired; "What do I have to do to get that?" Run 50 miles... in one day. Without really thinking it through, I signed up.
I want that buckle.
Two days ago, the lottery opened for the Leadville 100 mile mtb race. Here's what you get when you cross the finish line:

I put my name in. I want that buckle too.

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IronLa said...

Sweet buckles! Keep the pix coming.