Thursday, February 10, 2011

This year.... and last

No comments about slacking or the like. I haven't blogged and that's
Not for lack of things to put out there, just couldn't bring myself to
the computer for a full 30 min or so. The world is just spinning
extra fast these days.

Brief synopsis. Last year was one of my worst athletically (results wise), and best personally.
Yes, they can be independant of each other (one of my 2010 life lessons).
I am proud of myself for attempting many things that scared me to death... not so proud of the effort I put into them.
I moved up to a Cat 2 bike racer, raced against the best in world, and promptly got my ass handed back to me.
I raced as a professional triathlete. Trained like a beginner, and got my ass beat by over 2 hours when I lined up beside Chrissie Wellington.
But, regardless of feeling like I would rather be anywhere else by 2000m of the IM AZ swim, I finished what I started. After my first IM dnf in Kona, I decided that as long as the medics allowed my to stay on the course, I would finish everything I started.
So, despite some of my worst results, this grasshopper learned much and grew as a person and athlete.
I am fully committed to 2011 as first, a cyclist on the best Women's 1/2 cycling team in the SW, Trisports Cycling/Eclipse Racing. Then (even though I haven't swam since IM AZ), I will rededicate the summer to tris.
Below is a photo gallery of important events/people that have happened since my last post.... no real order.

I know it's not much, but it's been 30 minutes and for now that's all I've got.


UltraPossible said...

Gald you are back to blogging!! Congrats on everything you deserve the best!

Mandie said...

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Mandie Hayes