Sunday, May 18, 2008

impromtu 5k!

the last couple of days, i've been livin' like a rockstar. i booked almost a week off of work in thoughts of doing the florida 70.3 race, but decided it wasn't such a good idea to race a half, five weeks after a full. so i've put in a solid block of training instead!!
about four days ago, i found out about a 5km race that was happening today. i asked my coach if i could add it to my program, and predictably he said, "of course! it will be a great opportunity for a speed workout and it will give us a good idea of where you're at."
so i woke up this morning, legs exhausted from the blow ups yesterday, and was excited to be racing!! i do love a good road race!
it was 80 degrees by the time the race started at 7. the original plan was to take the first mile out a little easier and run a 615. from there, i wanted to run the next at 610 and the last one 605 or better. well, true to cp form the first mile was a little faster then i wanted.... 550! needless to say, i was a little scared when i saw that time. i knew that my tired legs would not hold that pace so i decided to just make the best of it and call it a learning experience - again. slowing down was inevitable.
however, i'm optimistic that on fresh legs i could have held that pace, but running tired is my new game.
finish time: 1938. still a pb by 10 sec. i'll take it! it's a bummer to think that if i stuck with my original plan, i would have been sub 19 and in the top 3. on the up side, i get to retest the theory on june 7th -- another 5 km!!

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rr said...

Hey Chrissy - congrats on the new PR - and on tired legs to boot!

I love the new splish!

I have a photo of us on the podium, if you don't have one, email me cowgirlinthesand at -- it's from far away, but still fun.