Thursday, May 29, 2008

off to the races!!

tomorrow, ryan and i head 4 hours northeast to a little mountain town named, 'Show Low'. we will both be competing in the half IM race on saturday.
i'm totally pumped for this race!! the area is supposed to be absolutely beautiful!
the race will hold it's challenges (like there are halfs that don't?!). it is held at 7000 ft. elevation. not exactly sure what it feels like to race at elevation.... but i'm betting on the fact that my lungs are gonna' burn!!

one other concern is that last week, this little town got snow! i'm thinking that the lake might be a little chilly - i was even considering wearing those little blue seventy booties.

regardless, it will be good times and a heck of a work out.

the plan: swim hard, bike hard, run harder and have fun!.

you are limited only by what you can imagine yourself accomplishing. know no limits, dream big and train like you mean it!


kerri said...

HAVE Fun!! Race hard. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

IronLa said...

congrats Ceepy.

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