Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Exciting Partnership!!

I had the opportunity to taste and purchase this new electrolyte replacement at Trifest this year.
I incorporated it into my IM AZ race plan and was more than happy with the results.
The individually packaged tablets were easily stored in my mini bento and could be placed in my aero bottle without a thought.
These little jems come in two varieties. The one I used in the IM was Catapult Berry, caffeinated to keep me hummin'. The other flavor is Endurance Lemon/Lime -- sans caffeine.
Both flavors are packed with electrolytes, including calcium to sooth irritable tummies, and B & C vitamins.
I've tried other portable tablet drinks (you know who they are), and they bloated my stomach up like a balloon, and tasted like ass.
This stuff rocks!!
Don't take my word for it, check em' out at www.gozym.com -- prices are very reasonable too.
Also, see them in the swimsuit issue of Triathlete. They're included in the 'reviews' section.
I'll also be carrying some with me wherever I go.


kerri said...

Hey Chrissy!!!! Gosh small world isn't it?? Glad you found the blog. Congrats on your qualification to KONA. YAHHHHOOOOOO!! Know what you mean about gaining weight back....EESH. I'm already at my post season race weight from last year and trying to put some meat on the bones. Love the pics, the snazzy Splish suit and the blog background. Next up for me is Eagleman on June 8th. Will ad you to the blogroll. Happy training!! Cheers

Jennifer Harrison said...

Hey Chrissy...I saw you on Kerri's blog roll....Hello...I use Motortabs and have heard of these Z's too....Jen H.