Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Monsoons Are Here!!

For the third time since I've been in Az - it rained. It was beautiful!!! The way the clouds hang around the mountains and the smell of the wet desert is unbelievable.

Unfortunately, it was short lived. Maybe an hour at most and it's done. Apparently, this happens almost everyday until into August.

It's amazing how rejuvinated you feel after a good rain and thunderstorm!
Also, I'm super pumped about BSLT 70.3 this weekend!
I have been easing off quite a bit this week in order to do a mini taper for this race. I did a couple of big weeks and would like to go into this race with more than a two day taper to see what I can do.
It's supposed to be hot (yes!) and a tough course (double yes!) and I'm pretty sure the competition will be prime (kona spot on the line).
Also just looking forward to getting away with Ryan (not so excited about the 10 hour drive!).

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IronLa said...

Rip it up this w/e Ceepy!!