Tuesday, June 10, 2008

post 104 degree workout.

well, it's done and it was hot.
it wasn't fast but I got er done. I am seriously dehydrated and have a wicked headache.
I'm headed straight to the pool - not for a workout, but to cool down and just 'play'.
then, I'm planning on coming home and having my dinner with a glass of wine.
I think that's called 'balance'.

I came across a quote today on someone else's blog, I love it and it fits:
"I do what you won't do today, so I can do what you can't tomorrow."



BreeWee said...

Ahhh, nicely done Iron girl! AND that quote is a keeper... hope the swim and wine was WELL enjoyed!

kerri said...

WOOOO, good job!!! But still Tucson is sooooo much nicer than Canada, eh????

rr said...

I cannot believe how hot it is there.. next big leap you guys make should be to the tropics!

Nice job surviving the heat!