Monday, December 31, 2007

how wrinkley can your skin get?

tomorrow, a select group of my (craziest) friends and i are attempting the epic and infamous "100 x 100".
the 10 km swim workout done by swim teams across the world on jan. 1st.
a couple of us attempted this workout last year, but called it quits at 6000m (or was it 7000?). why did we stop? yes our shoulders were on fire, our bathing suits disintegrating and our skin was so wrinkled we instantly aged 60 years, but i think we could have done it.... i think we got bored. after all, 4 hours is a long time to do anything, let alone swim.

i'm really psyched for this attempt. we have a great group of people and i feel that i am stronger in the pool when compared to last year at this time.. but who knows. when it comes down to the wire, will we be able to do it?
which bodily system will fail me?

only one thing is for certain. i will be joining my friends at a local bar for drinks and food when it's all said and done.

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