Friday, December 28, 2007

wednesday at the races

decided that in order to work off the two days of bingeing, i would enter the boxing day 10 miler in hamilton.
standing at the start line, i had no idea how this would go..... haven't done a staight up running race in about a year and a half and that was only a five km!
i was a little worried. coach said to use it as an extra speed workout (16k??).

kinda' forgot how you're supposed to do these things. how does it feel to just start running.... fast? no warmup swim/bike first? was my pre race jog long enough? (only 2 miles)

needless to say, i think we took it out too fast.... 6:31 first mile, and it was up hill. should slow it down a little, no way i can hold that pace the whole race.... second mile, 6:32 - that's better.

okay, really now, slow down, relax.. next mile 6:46 -- now that i can hold.
i was running next to a guy with a GPS who said that our 5km time was 20:07 or so.. not too bad. only 20 seconds off my PB!

i hit the half mark (8km) in 33:21, pretty close to my pb for that distance too (can't remember it exactly but it's somewhere in the 33 min. area).

same GPS guy said we hit 10km at 41:15 -- yikes, that is my 10 k pb. could be a long 4 miles.

slowest mile was #8, insert mountain and ungroomed trail here. 7:41, that really hurt the finish time, but it didn't take as much out of me as i thought it would (biking?).

tried to turn it on for the last couple of miles as there was this girl that i had been eyeing for the last half of the race, and i wanted to catch her.

and the last mile (which ended in me and the other girl all out sprinting to the line!) in 6:15.

overall, tied (no really!) for 5th (i actually had a faster chip time though),
1st in AG.

really liked this race, and if i'm in the country, i'll do it again- maybe i'd try and eat less the couple of days before.

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