Thursday, December 20, 2007

when you're riding in your chevy and your pants are feeling heavy....

yep, been battling a bout of scootitis the last few days.
this am i spent due time in the ladies room before my run to ensure that there would be no emergencies as i was sure there were no decent places to stop if i needed to.

made it close to half way, started to feel uncomfortable, and crampy... thought i would need to pull into a snow covered farmer's field when suddenly, like rudolph's nose, a tim hortons sign.

a new timmy's on the corner of sunningdale and adelaide. when did that get there?
however greatful i was for the use of their toilet, i'm a little perturbed by how fast our city is growing and encroaching on the environment that surrounds us..

not 1 month ago, i saw a huge buck in that same spot. where is he now?
hopefully, he like donuts and coffee.

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