Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What the H*ll is that!!??

No, it's not a lobster in my doorway. It's a scorpion.
Apparently, Arizona has them. This little guy is called a bark scorpion and he's poisonous. I tried to be nice and scoop him up in the dust pan to put him outside, but he attacked me.
He moves a lot faster than he looks capable of and in a rash, scared for my life, moment I grabbed the closest shoe and swung.... hard.
They're not like cockroaches.... he was easily smushed.

I hung him outside the front door as a warning to all others who may be tempted to follow in his foot steps.


Sarah said...

What the eff?!?!?! I thought your complex sprays for these things!!!!

Meredith said...

Chrissy! OMG!! Please be careful!! One of the gals in Cardiac Rehab just got bitten the other night while asleep in her bed!! She called 911 and poison control and had ALL of the symptoms they told her she could experience--for 12hrs!!! Numbness from head to toe, tingling down her spine, nausea...seriously, BE CAREFUL!!!!

Shawn and Tracy said...

I use to love Arizona, now what am I suppose to do??? ;-)