Friday, September 12, 2008

j'aime des montagnes

For the non bilingual Canadians, that means "I love mountains". It's true, and um I'm going to yell it from...... the mountain top of course!
For today's ride, I decided to take to the road and head south west of Tucson to yet another mountain range. This one, Kitt Peak has an observatory at the top. Cool stuff.
I started the ride about an hour away to get the full, scheduled time in. This is it from my starting point:

12 mile climb at 8% grade, up to 7000ft. Love it. It's amazing how the environment can change your outlook. Mountain climbs like these were never in my program before I moved here. My first climb up Lemmon (25 miles at an average of 6%), wrote me off for days. Now, I hit mountain climbs 2 or 3 times a week. I use them for TT's, long rides and even recovery rides. In my opinion, they are perfect for any day on a bike. You can have a consistent, no slacking effort for almost as long as you can handle. No street lights and very little traffic = awesome workout. And then of course, you get to go down!! YEEHAW!!


The top:

The white thing in the background is one of five observatorys at the top.

Tomorrow, it's back to Lemmon - it's been a few days since I've been to the top, something might have changed.


rr said...

I am so jealous.. our longest climbs are 20 minutes.. rinse and repeat. Boring! Your rides look awesome..

Getting close - see you soon!

Maggs said...

I'm with rachel, though those climbs take me a few minutes longer than 20. Have fun climbing Lemmon. I did it once, want to do it again.

IronLa said...

Even 20 minutes would be a dream. You must think of North Street and laugh now. 3 minute climbs are the best London's got...and it's getting cold...sigh.