Tuesday, September 23, 2008

IM Simulation Day, OOOHHH YAAAHHH!!

What can I say? I made the IM simulation day workout, my bitch.

About two and a half weeks ago, my coach told me that if I could make it through the last two weeks, Kona would seem easy. I think he was trying to break me. It was touch and go. I was exhausted. I didn't think I could make it. I saw the IM simulation day and thought, how am I supposed to do that after two weeks of "let's see if we can break chris?" Luckily, the IM simulation day is pretty important, so I was allowed a day completely off (no work, swimming, wts -- nothing) before, just so I could feel 'fresh'.
For the last few months, Ryan and I have had opposite schedules so we end up doing our workouts solo. IM sim. day was no different. Me and my ipod. Except last night, at 8:00, mine died.
It's always a risk when you barrow someone else's mp3, but I couldn't fathom the idea of a 7+ hour workout without one. Thankfully, Ryan let me take his.
I tend to think using someone else's ipod gives you a little glimpse into their soul.
Using Ry's ipod has only caused me to love him more. All the greats were there. Even some Nelly to get me moving.

The day started with a 3000 yrd, pool swim at 7:00. Nothing too exciting. Didn't push the pace, just smooth. Did it in 44:00. 2 km in about 29:00. With the bike waiting for me in the car, it was a quick transition and off for a 4 hour, moderately hilly, ride.


First 30 minutes were more or less warm up and I hovered around 30 kph. Then the legs started to warm up and it was on!!
The last 90 k were done in less than 2:45, lights, traffic included...
Next up, short drive (transition) to the run location.
Mostly flat, very hot (94 degrees) non shaded, run. The legs felt good. My coach told me not to be afraid of speed. So today, I let go. The garmin told me I was running sub 7 miles. I was supposed to be holding IM marathon pace. But that's my story, always starting out too fast. But, I wasn't afraid. I tried to slow down, but 'The Who', 'Rage Against the Machine' and the fact that the ipod had to be returned before 2:30, made me do it. Sorry coach.
Within my two hour transition run today, I ran a 1:32 half marathon (didn't slow down after that either!).
It's not that I think the time is that great, after all, I had a day taper. It's more how my body felt, or how my mind tricked my body into feeling. I didn't bonk, I didn't even hurt. I could have gone faster.
Today, the competition between mind and body was won handily by the grey matter - just like it will be in Kona.

The IM sim. was the work out I needed, mind and body. I am ready.


Meredith said...

Nice! Sounds like you are ready to kick booty in Kona!!! Best of Luck! I sure wish my training consisted of more than just running and swimming these days....time to get thinking about a race to do soon........Safe Travels....

Cy said...

Oh crap girl-Awesome workout!!

You are ready!! Kona will be easy at that rate.