Tuesday, April 29, 2008

satis est satis

i have taken 2+ weeks to relax, workout only when i want to, and gain back the weight i left in tempe. as the title states, "satis est satis". i am ready to rock.

i find myself in a totally different place when i compare my state to how i've felt weeks after my prior IMs. i felt burnt out, tired and overall lazy. this time round, i have been counting the days until i get my new program. i am pumped!!

i haven't done any running since the race (under strict orders from coach), but i've been on the bike, in the water and back in the weight room (after a three month hiatus). i've also been water running just for fun!

i'm super excited to get the season going as i have some interesting races planned for this summer.

my mom filmed ryan and i (and some stranger we met on the the way) climbing mt. lemmon. you may actually be able to smell my quads burning. this is around mile 21 -- almost there. i love this ride.

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