Sunday, April 6, 2008

the seven day count down.

one week until my first tri of the season, and it's a biggin!! can't believe it's here... time has just flown by (except when i'm putting in a 12 hour night shift at the hospital). and i'm ready to give it my best!
i've got two more shifts at the hospital (mon & tues. night) then i'm off to phoenix for thursday to register and swim. then i come back to tucson for friday morning to take an EKG class, then we head back to tempe for the dinner. we will be staying at a hotel friday, saturday and sunday nights. i will definately take some vids of the race site and such.... that is my favorite part! it just gets me so pumped to be surrounded by athletes and people who 'get it'.

so far the forecast is not showing any surprises - hot and windy.

FYI: our bib #s are 1991 (me - pretty cool number eh?), and ryan 612.

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