Saturday, March 29, 2008

TT with a twist!

today was to be a four hour ride with 3 of it at race pace... but last night, i got a call from teri and she asked me to join her and a couple of roadies for the workout on her schedule. her's was a TT part way up mt. lemmon.
since i'm absolutely fascinated and in love with this mountain, i can't turn down any ride that goes on it or near it...... and since it sounded like something that may be incredibly painful i responded instantly with a 'yeah, i'm down'.
i felt that the warm up was obviously similar to my ride, and then during the 14 miles up hill and back to my place that would make up the rest of my ride, i would keep the effort close to what i should push during the race...... yeah right.
on our way to the base (about an hour), teri informed me that her plan had changed. she was to go all out until the 5 mile point, then moderate to 14. i told her to 'have fun', and that i would be trying to ride even, yet hard until 14 -- we would probably meet somewhere around the 7 mile point.
well, she was off like a rocket. couldn't even hold her wheel for a mile -- she's the best female hill climber i know (or have seen!). she smoked me. it was hard, but of course i loved every minute of it...
the second half is when i start to get warmed up.... i wouldn't say i smoked her, but i definately made her work.
she informed me of a TT in the summer that goes up to 11m. where do i sign up??

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