Saturday, March 15, 2008


i headed out the door this morning and what did i see at the bottom of my lane way??!!
technically, they're called javelina (have-a-lean-a)... and he was big! i have been warned about these guys. apparrently they're angry little critters and can attack if they're provoked. they have razor sharp teeth (think javelin) aren't afraid to use them. this one wasn't afraid of me at all! i gave him lots of room and didn't make eye contact!
i'm totally enjoying the ecology here. i guess to the locals it would be pretty boring, but i find all of the different types of cactii interesting and gorgeous. i am also finding great emusement in jack rabbits and road runners. haven't come across any snakes yet (only dead ones that have been run over by cars!!) and thankfully, no mountain lions, scorpions or spiders... definately letcha' know when i do.

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