Sunday, March 30, 2008

finally i get to say "but it's a dry heat".

today i headed out for my last longish run before the big show. the temp. was 84 (that's 29 in Canadian) and there were no clouds in the sky (there never is unless it's raining, which has happened once since i've been here).
i'm always a little nervous about running in the heat/sun - but that's exactly what's going to happen on all race days from here on out so best to HTFU and get used to it.
now, anyone who's ever run within 4 feet of me knows that i sweat, a lot. any time of the year, even winter, my hair is usually soaked within the first half of a long run for sure..... in the summer, my shorts, shirt and socks are usually drenched by the time i'm done (sexy no?). but today, when i finished my run i was shocked! ponytail was a little damp, shirt had some sweat marks, but nothing on my shorts (finally i can wear light coloured shorts without looking like i peed my pants!). instead, i was coated in a white layer of salt.....probably more than mcdonalds uses to coat a batch of their fries.
using it as an excuse to put (more) salt on everything.

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