Tuesday, March 25, 2008

anatomy of a taper - post #1

well, i made it. the taper has officially begun. just over two weeks until IM AZ and with only a couple of key workouts left, i am in taper mode!!
i can't believe it's here already. i feel like i could go hard and build a little more before i actually need to taper.... i feel like i've only been training for a month -- in reality, i've been training for months, only one of them including outdoor riding however.
it's such a fine line between over training and doing enough. this session has definately been a lot different than what i've done for my first few years of triathlon training, but it has been the first time i have made it to the taper without being off for injury....
for one, my volume has been lower. i kept waiting for it to increase (i've heard crazy stories about the volume done by Team tbb athletes), but that never really happened.
and second, i've been back on the track for some insane workouts that i never thought i would be capable of -- loving every second i might add!

but now those months of prep are in the bank and on april 13th my fitness and mental strength will be put to the test! what a great way to kick start the 2008 racing year -- an IM!!
i just can't wait to be surrounded by others with the same goal and lifestyle. there really is nothing like the environment of an ironman to get you pumped!!

goals for my taper:
1. spend time with ryan (six more sleeps!)
2. try not to over eat.
3. read (5 months with no cable and i'm not givin in now!)
4. rest/recover
5. work on my mental game
6. get rid of the awful cyclist tan lines so i don't look like a weiner in my race suit.

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