Wednesday, February 6, 2008

it's all about experiences!

it's been decided.... i'm moving to sunny tucson, arizona. this is my new hospital!

it all happened so fast! hard to believe it, but i'm headed south in less than one week.

i'm going crazy trying to tie loose ends, pack my life so that it fits in a 5 x 8 trailer, and still get in my training for an IM only 10 weeks away!

while i know this should be an exciting time, i can't help but feel extremely overwhelmed at points.

my dad had to remind me that it's all about the journey -- and to try and enjoy even the most stressful points.

this is a link to my new apartment complex:

what an experience it has been trying to locate and decide on an apartment from 3000 miles away!
only time will tell if it is a good decision....

i have decided that this will be a good way to keep friends/family posted so i will try and update it regularily with pics and stuff.. warning: it may get a little emotional at times...

1 comment:

IronLa said...

I was thinking of you this morning while trudging through 2ft of snow to get to my car, then having to go back inside to get hot water to pour over my car door, followed by scraping 3 inches of bulletproof ice off my windows.
Felt like crying.

SOOOO Jealous...but very happy for you!