Wednesday, February 13, 2008

day uno

well, last night the very beast i was so happy to be leaving was trying it's hardest to keep me in london. i was worried that we wouldn't to leave as planned and the whole itenerary was going to fall to pieces.
but when the alarm went off at 6, i saw that the good ole' city of london had been out all night clearing the roads.
off we went.
the drive to the border was a little sketchy, and i was worried that we were going to hit some nasty weather, but by the time we hit sarnia, the sun was out and the roads were dry and clear!
the border crossing was totally uneventful. i was soooo worried they would search everything and it would take hours... i made lists, and schematics to demonstrate where everything was and he didn't even want to see it. in total, 3 minutes at the border..... my dad couldn't resist the obvious joke, "start the car..... start the car!"
in total, 13 hours in the car, 1100km down (can only go 100km/hour with the trailer). made it to a town called "Hannibal"......waking up at 5 to get an early start.

--- still not any warmer than london.

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