Saturday, February 16, 2008


today was by far the most exciting day of driving.
we woke up very early (4) in order to get there in time to aquire my apartment.
new mexico started out being kinda flat and dull, but i new at some point, we were going to hit some scenic areas.
well, about 3 hours into NM, we started to see some hills. which grew into bigger hills.
they were gorgeous (i'm sure pictures will do them no good) .
for some reason, garmin decided to take us off the beaten path and onto a twisty turny road right throught the heart of the mountains! there were deer, elk and cows on the road!
the name of the national park was Gila Mountain park, and i would love to hike through some day.

once we crossed over into arizona, the weather became nasty.... black clouds, sand storms and SNOW! they had a blizzard! i can't escape it.... it was also very beautiful, but kinda' scary.

reaching tucson was a relief.... the area is gorgeous and i already love it here.

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