Monday, January 4, 2010


128 lbs. That's how much one of these weigh:

It's also how much this weighs:

And it's how much 10.25 of these weigh:

Now, it is officially how much CP weighs. Damnit.

I have officially reached my target weight gain for the year. Now that I have hit my goal, I can start to work at losing it again. My very own biggest loser.
I have always thought that a key component to reaching your goals was to tell everyone about them. Make yourself accountable to someone other than your training journal and your garmin.
I'm starting my 'program' today. I will weigh myself weekly (yes, I know - it's not the number that counts but it is a gauge), and I will write about it. I also know that it's not realistic to be race weight year round so all I want is to lose 5 - 8 lbs - and hopefully not muscle. Game on.


Jamie said...

I'm up to 174 from 164. I keep saying "okay, I'm at my winter weight, now I can hold it here for a little while before bringing it down to my training weight..."

but then I gain another pound or two...

What the heck! Here to staying at and not going above 128 (or 174)!

IronLa said...

I weighed that much once. I was 12.