Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Week one of fatty camp has been a success! I can attribute this loss to
a couple of key factors. 1. I have stopped eating 2 chocolate chip cookies everyday at lunch 2. I have stopped eating a lot of chocolate everyday (instead, only eating a little chocolate everyday - baby steps!) 3. We don't have Tim Horton's down here (I love you Tims!) and 4. I used a different scale.
123.6 lbs is a pretty good weight for me. I could probably stand to be around 120 in the early season (I'm 5'4") and then drop a couple more during peak season so I might continue with the tough love towards chocolate. I did however make one rule (so far --- it IS my game, I can therefore make the rules as I go!). Sunday = cheat day. I can have anything I want. I elected for this tasty morsel that I had been eyeing a few days earlier.

No where even close to being as good as my sweet, sweet Timmy's

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D said...

Damn it! Now I want Timbits. Going to bed... to dream of Timbits.