Monday, July 27, 2009

science lesson

last night, at 5:30 pm mountain time i headed out for my 'long run'. because my goal race is not for another few months and i'm just coming back from a layoff, my long run is only 1:45. it is done on Sunday, after a swim and bike. this also means that it is done in during the hottest, and right now, most humid time of day. it was over 100 degrees when i began my run and it had barely cooled by the time i was home chugging chocolate milk.
no matter how i pushed, i just couldn't pick up the pace. i felt like i was breathing through a straw.
turns out, i was (figuratively of course).
today, at work, an old army pilot brought me an interesting chart. it's called a "Density Altitude Chart". basically, it states that as the air temp goes up, the oxygen concentration in the air goes down - in essence, your subjective 'altitude' - even if you're at sea level.
Here's a link to the chart:
quite interesting.
i live (and usually run) at 3000 ft. last night, i was actually running at 6000. when we bike up the mountain on an equally hot day, we are spending a good 2 hours at over 8000ft.
from now on i'm gonna' try and soak up the sun and reap the benefits of a little altitude training!!

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kerri said...

Chrissy, I ahve a question. You got hyberbaric treatment at one point.Isaw it on your twitter post on your blog. Did you get it for your injury? If so, did it work? How many sessions did you get? Were there any side effects? I am looking into for an achilles strain. Not torn not really severe. Can still bike, swim and have to cut back on running. Hurts minimally on the run but know it can get worse. HAVE IMFL in November. Just wondered what your thoughts are. Sounds like you are BACCCKKKKK!!!! AWESOME! Good for you...way to be patient. And you will knock em dead out there.