Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh the places we'll go!

About 3 weeks ago (hey, I'm busy), we headed to Utah for a quicky (vacay that is).
We were looking for a race to do before Muskoka 70.3 to shake out the cobb webs - Ryan's first tri since smashing his hip and my first race since 8 weeks off due to sloppy footing.
The Utah half was it! The website said flat and fast. Perfect for problematic body parts and egos. I flew into Salt Lake City and Ryan drove from Tucson so we'd have a car.
We camped in a tent, something I'd always thought of doing before a race and wanted to try but will never do again! Slept terribly and found it very hard to organize in the dark!
We awoke to high winds, cool temps and the threat of thunderstorms. Yippee!!
The race directors tossed around the idea of cancelling the swim, but after waiting an extra half hour to start, decided to shorten it to around 1200 m. It ended up being, without a doubt the roughest (kinda scary) swim I've ever done.

The bike ended up being nothing short of Hawaii revisted. Definately equalling the "scared for my life" type of wind felt in the lava fields. My goal became to stay in the aerobars as much as possible. I came out of them 3 or 4 times to prevent my face from kissing the asphalt.

It was also my third ride on my new ride, SCHAWING!
Love it.
The ended favorably for me. Ryan had tire issues but all things considered still rocked the race, less than a year after a broken hip!

After the race, we headed to Zion NP where we hiked a trail that should questionnably be closed to the general public, Angels Landing. It was hard and at times induced vertigo and a slight panic at the thought of how far up you really were. The trail was 2.5 miles one way and took almost 3 hours, but this was one instance where I wasn't racing.

Yes, we climbed up there!
The day after a Half IM, we hiked 12 miles (11 hours). I have never felt so used and abused as I did at the end of the day. To practice my mental pain tolerance, I completed 6 hours of hiking with a blister on my right heel. By the time we were finished and I could replace my bloodied hiking shoes with the trusted Birks, I had a stage III pressure sore on my foot. it was worth it. Zion is amazing.

Next up: The great Canadian wilderness (read: Tim Hortons, mosquitos, Shoppers Drug Mart and a little swim, bike and run in Muskoka)!


IronLa said...

That climb looks like Ayers Rock. Only a chain leading to the top...
Nuts after a half IM!
Have a super race in muskoka.

Bob said...

Glad you had fun in my old home state & enjoyed are "funny rocks". Look forward to seeing you & Ryan in Muskoka.