Monday, June 8, 2009

In case there's anyone still checking in on my blog..

Hopefully, there is one person left out there that cares to read this.... I know, I've been a very, very bad blogger.....spank me.

What's not so new? A bum knee that's really starting to annoy me...
I have been in athletics long enough to know that injuries happen to everyone eventually. You can try your best to prevent them: stretch, eat, rest, pray. But I don't care who you are, if you push your body - you will get injured. This time around, it wasn't overtraining, it wasn't going too hard on a track workout or adding too much mileage. It was from not lifting my feet high enough on a trail run.Arizona trails are not for the faint of heart. We've got mountain lions, rattle snakes, cliffs, rocks and prickly things everywhere. Fortunately for me, the only element I encountered was the rock. And we clashed hard. Turns out, rock is harder than bone, tendon, most definately skin and ipods. I messed myself (figuratively and literally) up. But believe it or not, considering the other options, I got off lucky.
I digress to the old cliche, "Everything happens for a reason". In an effort not to sound too much like my mother - I have always believed that within adversity lies an opportunity to improve upon yourself..... however, 8 weeks away from running can really start to get to a gal (me). I tried real hard to work my (biggest) weakness.
Thankfully, I have a coach that really knows his shize when it comes to getting stronger on the bicycle. I spent a whole lot of time doing this:

And I entered the Arizona State RR Champs and won this:

So, my cycling is coming along nicely. My quads look like watermelons.... really. I have also been doing squats. Between the swimming and cycling (and lack of running) I kinda look like a wrestler -- definately not what I want.
My knee has recently started to feel good enough to run for 20 minutes staight (baby steps) and I can't wait to get back at it.... hopefully, better off because of it.
Unfortunately, no Kona this year. Maybe a blessing in disguise. New job + pay cut = 0 vacation time and 0 extra cash. But with any luck (and of course, blood, sweat and tears), I will be there in 2010 stronger than ever.
As for this year, it is looking like Muskoka 70.3 may be my first half of the year. Maybe Clearwater and hopefully IM AZ in November.... but anything can happen.
We are also hoping to do the inaugural IM St. George - very exciting.
Another goal for this year is for me to get back to regular blogging. I've been so busy that something had to give. But the reality is, I should be able to update my family and friends on my where abouts at least once a month. I will try every couple of weeks to post something of interest!
Now to watch LA kick some ass in France.


IronLa said...

Yer back! Yeah. I was getting a bit worried there. Heal up--we're hoping for Hawaii 2010 too.

Terrish B said...

Congrats on the Arizona State Champs!! I hope your knee heals sooner than later :-)

Bob said...

OK, looks we get more in common then just training too much. I too am just getting over a knee injury and went on a long hiatus from my blog, and just got back going last night. Small world, eh? Have a look at for my ramblings. Hope you are over your knee issues by now.