Friday, December 19, 2008

New Ride!/Phoneline

The long delay between my posts is a direct result of my laptop having to be sent to the 'doctor's'. I was without my own machine for over a week.... I realized how much I actually used this little guy - mostly for time wasting, but to also keep up to date on how/what everyone's doing.
As for me, I promised pic's of my new ride who has graciously taken me up Lemmon in a TT faster than I've gone before!!

I am lovin' my Kuota and am also excited for January when I will be sporting the Kueen K for my tris!! PT is 'the man' if you're looking for a new time machine. Thank you and happy birthday!!

I have recently started to work with Jimmy R. for my training for next year, and I already know it's a good decision!! He's got me doing some tough stuff on the bike-- building the quadzilla!! He's also shown me this great trail just a mile and a half from my door!! In his words, it's an 'easy, hard trail', but absolutely gorgeous..


Meredith said...

oh, how I miss the PHONELINE!!!! I love that never ENDs....I always maxed out on that thing, no matter how good or bad I felt! Enjoy the winter and watch out for mtn lions...

Maggs said...

Welcome back. Nice bike. I have a Kuota road bike and I love it.

That run reminds me of a run I did all the time in college called the Powerlines. UGH it was hard, but you felt awesome when you were done.

Andrea said...

That's a good-looking bike, I like the pink.

Yep, Ian and a few others are doing florida, Peaker is I think and possibly Boads. My first race will be Musselman probably.