Sunday, December 28, 2008

An Arizona Christmas

This year, I had to work Christmas eve. That meant, I couldn't go home (Southwestern Ontario). For the first time ever, I was away from my family for Christmas. Thankfully, Ryan had to work too so we could at least be together.
There has been a cold spell go through Tucson and it's been colder than normal (it's actually colder here now than in southern Ontaio!!) Even though it was cold and rainy, we headed out for a 3 hour ride.

After that, we came home and started to cook our feast. It was a relaxing day filled with reading and 'where's waldo':

It was also my first experience with making lemon meringe pie.... the meringe turned out to be tougher than I originally planned, and it ended up being a soupy mess.

While I had fears of our turkey exploding like in the movie, "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacay" (neither of us had cooked one before), it actually turned out to be delicious. Between the two of us, we almost ate the full 12lbs of it.... what? we're training again.

My favorite present was triathlon related (duh) and will help me put in the long miles in sunny AZ:

New Years is usually followed by 100 x 100 in the pool. However, this year we're planning a 17 mile trail run in Sabino Canyon.... feel the burn.


IronLa said...

Love the pie! I'd still be eating it--yummm!
We're being lazy aussies these days. Once we get up to Brisbane and into a routine we'll have more tri-talk for you.
Happy 2009!

Shawn and Tracy said...

Love the pie ;-) Who needs that fluffy white stuff anyway...
Happy New Year Crazy Canuck!