Saturday, October 18, 2008

kona update 2

It's a week post race and the week has been full of a whole lot of lounging, sight seeing and eating. Three days left in paradise before I head back home (slightly different paradise).
Today, Ryan and I made a new friend. We were enjoying a tasty mango, raspberry and spirullina smoothie when we were joined by a curious passer - by:

He was especially interested in the spirullina and decided to take a taste;

His appetite was unsatiable and he couldn't resist the temptation for more;

While I am in love with this Island (we went all the way round yesterday) and will really, really miss the ocean (after all, I am a 'cancer') I am looking forward to returning to my home to hit the training again for a few weeks.

Ryan is doing very well and has already begun his rehab (in the pool and on the stationary bike), I am very proud of him. He will be back in no time.


Maggs said...

Great pictures of the Gecko. Hope ryan heals super fast!

Shawn and Tracy said...

Hey Chrissy, love the Gecko and all the best to Ryan for a fast rehab. Have I told you your a ROCK STAR today ;-) What a great day you had, must be the awesome suit ;-)

Jennifer Harrison said...

Hey Chrissy! Fun pics and so glad you had a great day in KONA and some nice downtime after that! ENJOY some R&R and congrats again! :) Jen H.

rr said...

Ack! I just realized how that sounded.. (on my blog) I meant the lack of racing in 08 due to injury.. I'm stoked on the Kona thang! It was a crazy day and I was so happy to be up on the podium with ya!