Friday, October 10, 2008

go time!!

Tomorrow, is the Hawaii Ironman.
I have headed out on workouts for the last two years, with ambitions of competing in this race. In just over 12 hours, I will be living that dream, and I have never been more ready.

Long rides, runs, bricks, swims in 95 degree + heat... dozens of rides, hard and easy up mountains all over tucson... long runs completed on the track in the form of 800's.... PB's in running races and triathlons.... age group and overall victories.... average wattage increase over a 20 km TT by over 20.... races in rain, wind, altitude and heat....pushed until I thought I was broken, then woke up to do it again the next day.....tapered for three weeks (that's a first!)... gave up caffiene until race morning (tough one)......
madame pele, bring it on!! this girly has packed her "A" game!!!

This island is everything I thought it would be. Truly, Triathlon Island. Fit people, beautiful oceanic scenery. I even got to swim with the dolphins!!
So far, it has been perfect weather. Overcast (actually, it's called 'VOG'), and definately not hot or even super humid..... hope it heats up a little, seems I do better if it's scortching!


Jennifer Harrison said...

GO OUT THERE and have the race of your life...and enjoy the day! We'll be watching you online!

kerri said...


CONGRATULATIONS. Nice race. You gotta be happy. Recover, eat, enjoy!!