Saturday, August 2, 2008

guess who was hit by a car, again?!

Yep, me - yesterday.

I had been cycling in London, Ontario prior to my move to Tucson for 2 - 3 years quite regularly. A town of 400, 000, many, many roads and to my knowlegde only one recently installed 500m stretch of bike lane. Never was I hit, nor even grazed by a car. The receiving end of many flipped birds, but never even touched by a moving vehicle.
Fast forward to Tucson. Every single road has a bike lane, cyclists are all over the place -- in fact, there are more bike lanes than sidewalks. I have been hit twice in just a few months.
Not because I was doing anything wrong --- Tucson drivers are f-ing morons.
This time I was not so fortunate in terms of injuries. Nothing too serious, could have been way worse (again). 5 areas of road rash scattered nicely over my body. One very messed up hip and one pulled SCM muscle (aka whiplash). Took a snapshot of my elbow, pretty eh?

My bike, I am extactic to report, has been checked out and is still as amazing as ever. Orbea, you rock.

Got back on the horse this morning and rocked the 2:30 climb up Lemmon.

Somewhat appropriate:


Meredith said...

OMG! where and when did this happen? were you alone???? Feel better, and stay safe out there!

Jennifer Harrison said...

WHAT? Yep, where were you hit. I can NOT believe in Tucson - I mean, EVERYWHERE is sooo bike friendly NOT like here...we have to wear bullet proof vests to ride here. STAY safe and hope you are ok!! Jen H.

Maggs said...

Ouch, I hope you heal quick. You need to add #12. Do NOT get injured to your list of 11 things.

Just wanted to say hi, I remember seeing you in IMAZ (you flew by me on the bike I think!).

Happy training!

Marcus said...

good, that you're ok and your bike still is intact! Great video !

rr said...

shite woman, stop getting run over, we need you at Kona :)

FYI - lose 5 lbs (twice) is on my to do list as well. Must fit into the cute splishy.

Hope you recover quickly!!!

Amy Baron said...

I’m that “Orbea” was fine. But it looks like you were hit pretty badly! Getting into this kind of accident is really tough, especially if you still bear the trauma of the first incident. But I’m glad that the two accidents didn’t stop you from doing what you love! [Amy Baron]