Saturday, August 23, 2008


getting around to updating the bloggy blog. Back from Canada and back to hard core training for this little race I have coming up in October.
Had a wonderful week visiting family and friends. Filled with lots of romps up these:
Smelling lots of these:
and this:

-- don't come across much of that in the desert... don't miss it.
Got to play with these:

And did a little, old school olympic race. We swam here: (what I miss the most...water)

And I picked up a Garmin Nuvi for my effort (sweet).
The other hours were filled with olympics and training.
While I totally enjoyed visiting my family and friends - I really missed it here.
This has become our home and I couldn`t imagine not looking out at the mountains everyday.... even though the only water I see comes from a tap.

ps. I promise to not be such a delinquent (spelling.... Bueller) with my blogging.

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