Monday, July 28, 2008

today/11 weeks out...

Today, I headed up my beloved mt. lemmon for a run. At altitude (7500 ft.), uphill for the first half and even more painfully, downhill for the second half. Bring it on Palani!! What made it even more enjoyable was the dark cloud that opened up on me just before half way. It poured and soaked the ground causing the most amazing smells to lift up out of the pines that cover the tops of the Catalina mountains. Even better was that I could look out onto a Tucson that remained hot, sunny and dry. My own personal oasis..

this weekend (well actually, saturday) officially begins the 11 week countdown to Kona.... yikes. I read on RR's blog, the 12 things she needed to do in the 12 weeks before Hawaii... I've missed a week, but here are my 11:

1. Find a new speedsuit -- the Zoot full length looks splendid!!
2. Book a flight.
3. Design a Splish suit (and matching bag -- new feature!) must be something
with maple leaves.
4. Go home for a visit/training fest.
5. Work 29 more night shifts.
6. Lose 5 lbs.
7. Start riding longer than 4 hours at a time.
8. Start running longer than 1.5 hours at a time.
9. Swim more than 3x/week.
10. Develop an itinerary for my two weeks in Kona -- anyone want to be a tour guide?
11. Lose 5 more lbs.

ps.. the article in "Triathlete" show casing the Show Low results said "Tucson Native".... no way, this gal's Canadian all the way.


Meredith said...

Nice!!! Elevation is good....I did a KILLER run up Sabino this am (up Phoneline, Blackett's) have you done that..?? It is awesome climbing, great for those "strength" runs...try it!!! :)

Cy said...

Hi Chrissy,

I found your blog via RR.

Sounds like a great run up mtn Lemmon. I couldn't imagine that...It was hard enough on my bike.

I'm also a Canadian girl, but currently living in MN. I've seen some of your great Maple Leaf Splish designs and have been very tempted to copy :-)

I will see you in Kona-Best of luck with your preparation.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Hey Chrissy,
Man, Jerome and I were in Tucson for a quickie weekend to buy some furniture for our new condo there AND we had the pleasure of doing repeats up mt. lemmon, but on our bike. I can NOT imagine running up that sucker. Well, I can...but that would be tough ! Great idea though! Good luck in your Kona prep...! Jen H. :)