Saturday, July 26, 2008

long overdue update..

whoa. where does time go??
last weekend, ryan and I headed up to Flagstaff for the Mountain Man Half IM.
He did great. I turned it into an aquabike. No biggy, just had a big week and wasn't feeling the love. I'm over it and onto bigger things. Like Kona in 11 weeks!!

After the race, Ryan and I headed up the Grand Canyon for a wee hike. The hike more than made up for my poo poo race. Over 6 miles down into the giant gorge -- almost to the river bed (we would have got there but we were concerned about the amount of water we had left). We could see the Colorodo river and the Phantom Ranch. From there, it was a more painful 6+ miles back to the rim (7000 ft. elevation). The next day, my butt knew it had had a workout.

From there, we headed to Sedona.... beautiful. I just can't get over this state I now call home. From desert to mountain to ponderosa pine to canyon, it's breath taking.
We took sooo many pics.. I'll post a few for your viewing pleasure.

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