Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ketogenic day three

Today was a little more interesting. I began the day with a 4.5 mile run... felt great!! Then tested my pee for the first time and weighed myself. I haven't stepped on a scale in a while so I have no idea if I've lost anything in the last couple of days. However, I felt like I needed to have a baseline measurement so I did it. I also found that I am in the beginning stages of ketosis through using a urine strip. I've read that these are not as accurate as blood measurements, but it's all I can afford and it gives me an idea of where I'm at.
This is a great diagram that shows where I need to be, and also points out the difference between nutritional ketosis (good) and ketoacidosis (bad). I have to say that I had a couple hours of uncomfortable fogginess in the middle of the day. I actually felt like my heart was racing a little as well. That did pass, and know I feel 'normal'. I have also noticed that my BMs are not as satisfying and have a different odor (TMI?). Totals for today: 164 grams of fat, 65 grams of protein (this should maybe be a little higher), and 13 net carbs (26 grams of fiber).

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