Friday, December 18, 2009

Day uno

I didn't snap a pic from day one. Had I done so, it would have been the inside of LA Fitness. Even though temps reached the 70's in Tucson - I elected to do a mini hill workout on the tready. Still a little worried about the right ITB. So far so good, but want to make sure and go slow.

Last week, Tucson was a hot bed of excitement for cycling fans. Lance was here with his team putting in some base miles.

My coach, Jimmy (seen here holding his own beside Lance on Mt. Lemmon) is a long time friend of Lance's. While I didn't get to ride with the team and Lance (it IS my off season), I did get to rub elbows with them at an after dinner party (and I mean literally Lance elbowed me in the back at least six times!). I got to meet most of the Radioshack team, including Levi and Popovich and got to share a conversation and a Margarita with Lance! He's okay.

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IronLa said...

Maybe now you can be friends with all of them on FB--for realsies.