Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Mommy

Today, October 19th is my Mommy's birthday. I haven't sent her a card. I have many excuses but the bottom line is that I live 3000 kms away, in a different country and it takes a great deal of organization to get it there on time. Yes, I am somewhat of a deliquent. I didn't get it in the mail on time.
This inability to plan accordingly is in no way representative of how much she means to me and how much I love her. So, I'm writing about her in my blog.

I can honestly say that I feel I was born to the two most amazing parents in the world - totally lucked out. My mom is an incredible woman and if I turn out to be half as wonderful as she is I'll be pretty darn happy with myself.

She is intelligent and wise (yes, they are different). I swear her true calling in life was to be a psychologist. As it stands, I get her words of wisdom whenever I need them and free of charge. And yes, it's true, Mothers do know best.

She has stuck by my side even when I felt I deserved to be alone. She is always available for a 'pick me up' chat and has even been known to jump on a plane last minute to be by my side when I really needed her.

She often puts the needs of everyone else before her own and is truly the backbone for her family. We depend on her more than she knows.
She is constantly working to better herself and to improve the lives of those she cares for.
She loves to shop and she hates swear words, especially the 'F' bomb.

I love you mom... I miss you more and more everyday I'm away :(
We have grown very close over the last few years and I am thankful that I can now consider you a friend as well as a Mom.
Happy Birthday - I wish I could be there.


IronLa said...

Awww now I miss my Mommy.
I think you got lots of your mom's qualities...especially good looks :)

Darlene said...

Now, Mommy is in tears. I am so touched by such a treasured gift. Miss you too! Good Luck this weekend. I'll be with you in spirit. Love You!